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I love public schools - students with teacher

Tips and Tools: #ILovePublicSchools Campaign

Join us in showing and sharing your love for public schools in New York State.

We’ve launched this positive and pro-active statewide campaign to help you to share why you’re #PublicSchoolProud, and to encourage you to declare: #ILovePublicSchools!

Here are some ideas and suggestions for ways to show the love — individually or in partnership with your school, district, or community organization.

We launched this campaign for Valentine’s Day 2017 – but you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day 2018 to show your love for public schools.

Keep the love coming. See you at the hashtag!

We’re just getting started. This “Show the Love” event for is the kickoff to an ongoing campaign to show our pride in and love for public education. Learn more.
UPDATE 2/15: How do we love thee, public schools? Let us tweet the ways! Here are your tweets and photos. Keep ’em comin’!

1. Share the Love

student with artwork

Tweet, Facebook and Instagram student work that makes you proud.

A piece of art. A science project. A musical performance.

Photos. Videos.

Tag your school and include the hashtags #PublicSchoolProud #ILovePublicSchools.

Also: Please remember to respect student privacy. Be sure to get any necessary permissions for posting photos of students and their work.

2. Have a Heart

Download and print out the heart poster [PDF].

Heart Poster (PDF)

Fill in the blank to let everyone know: “I love public schools because…”.

Take a picture of your customized heart and share via social media with the hashtags #PublicSchoolProud #ILovePublicSchools.

I love public schools because...

Spread the Love

You can also use the fill-in-the-blank hearts as a classroom or meeting activity.

Display the hearts on a bulletin board or deliver to your school board or local legislators.

Share via social media using the #PublicSchoolProud #ILovePublicSchools hashtags.

3. Change of Heart

Change your profile pic on social media to show your love for public education.

Here are a couple of options: direct download, or via Twibbon.


Download the images below to use as a profile picture or a cover photo. Click the images for the large versions.

I Love Public Schools button
Profile Pic

facebook cover photo
Cover Photo

Twibbon it!

Visit our Twibbon page to change your Twitter or Facebook profile photo to show love for your school as Valentine’s Day nears.

The frame will appear over your current profile photo. Click the thumbnail image below to start the process.


4. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

wear red for public ed

Even if it’s short sleeves – show your public school pride!

“Wear Red for Public Ed” on February 14.


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