Thank a Teacher!

thank a teacher

Let’s show our teachers how much they mean to us!

Join us and #ThankATeacher during National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Share Your Thanks

We encourage you to share the following on social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #ThankATeacher when sharing:

  • A selfie video of you thanking a favorite teacher for their encouragement, inspiration and wisdom.
  • A picture of yourself with your favorite teacher, past or present;
  • A picture or video of your child with his or her teacher;
  • A picture of yourself holding the official #PublicSchoolProud poster with a simple message saying ‘Thank You’ to a teacher and why you’re thanking him or her.
  • Your Yoda! Use the AFT’s TeachMeYouDid page to thank the educators and mentors who turned you into Jedi!

Here’s how the Troy Teachers Association is gearing up at Carroll Hill Elementary School by distributing the #PublicSchoolProud poster to students; you can download the poster here.

Teachers Thanking Teachers

We’re also beginning to receive “thank you” videos from current teachers thanking THEIR teachers for encouragement, inspiration and wisdom.

So if you’re an educator with a story about a favorite teacher, please share!


thank a teacher

The NEA and the National PTA have additional print and online resources to help you launch a #ThankATeacher campaign in your community.

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